Events during 2022 of the Dengie Hundred Amateur Radio Society (DHARS)

Previous events

Some of the clubs events during 2022

21-05-2022 -22-05-2022. 144 MHz May RSGB contest

2m May 2022 VHF contest

The club entered the 144 MHz May contest, which was a 24-hour event from 14:00 UTC Saturday 21st to 14:00 UTC Sunday 22nd May. There were only two operators - Dave (G8WRB) and Tony (2E0THT). The open section was entered, which allowed for operation over the full 24 hours, either at the fixed location or portable, and multiple operators.

The club's recently acquired HP workstation was used with the open-source Minos Contest Logging Software software. The following data was required for a contact.

The results are currently not published. We would expect to see the results here by early June.